Creative expression is a natural inclination of the human spirit. All human beings have the ability to commune with musical language as a medium for creativity. Everyone has the capacity for active engagement with the piano.

I have never required the demonstration of exceptional talent or strong aptitude for music in order for someone to study with me. I welcome those who possess a love for music coupled with the sincere desire to enjoy the piano.

I coach and prepare aspiring career pianists for university and conservatory studies. I teach adults who are returning to the piano after a long intermission, having studied in their youth. Some are drawn to piano studies for self-healing and personal enrichment. I design each person’s curriculum interactively, based upon their particular interests, goals, needs, and aspirations. As a pianist and teacher of diverse background and education, I offer a wide palette for musical exploration.

The natural world is a symphony unto itself comprised of melody, harmony and rhythm. Music and nature form an intimate vibratory network. Thus, musical studies cultivate one’s attunement and relationship to the earth.

The piano serves as a gateway to positive energy as it raises our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual vibrations, allowing vitality to flow throughout our daily lives. Involvement with this marvelous instrument contributes to our holistic wellness. Simply put, music is life enhancing.

I am here to guide and assist students in making music. I make it possible to experience music’s benefits and joys as I facilitate the creative process, sharing my experience of the wonders and enchantment of the piano. My hope is that they will play it forward.

The Piano Studio of Donna Greco is conveniently located in the beautiful Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Parking is readily accessible.

A short walk will take you into the business area where numerous shops and coffeehouses are available for your enjoyment while your child takes a lesson.

As serendipity would have it, the studio is located in the former home of world renowned conductor, Maestro Lorin Maazel.

Lessons are conducted on beautifully tuned and maintained Kawai pianos. The room is open and spacious, bright and inspiring, with original artwork and plenty of natural light.

Piano instruction is available for all ages and all levels;


“Donna’s arrangements help make any occasion a special occasion. She is a talented pianist and delightful person with an intuitive sense of how to use music to polish an event. Her playing has dazzled our Christmas Eve…..     READ MORE

Words of Note – Musical Musings

Welcome to The Piano Studio of Donna Greco

Welcome to a new segment to my website. There will be weekly posts of musical musings fact and fiction.


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